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About Us

We Are An Audio Recordings & Visual Management, Web Development And Design Solutions, Which Caters To All Businesses And Organizations, Large And/Or Small. Our Operations Are Based In Singapore And Malaysia And We Are Expanding Within The Region. We Create Straight To The Point Responsive Webs on HTML5 and WordPress. With Our High-End Equipments And Machines Available, We Will Work Out And Source Out Anything Possible Which Could Help Our Clients Grow.
Our Team Works Out On A Budget Suitable For You. We Will Brief You On Your Requirements Which Is Only Necessary.
We Have Realistic Solutions Which May Suit Your Needs. There Are Certain Things We Can't Do, We have To Tell You That First. We Are Not A Company Which Places Slogans Everywhere Saying We Can Do Everything But In The End Could Not Deliver.


Server Colocation: Wyomin, USA. (celcleus.net)

Note: We have stopped issuing new hosting space to new/walk-in customers

Our Web Hosting services are not available to the public and only runs for our existing clients only. Our dedicated support team service is only available to our existing clients only. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Important Note: Your Privacy is our utmost concern. We have sealed the connections using double lock features by using 2 separate SSL connections from your end (computer/device) to a secured central server and then to our Servers. Both ends are SSL encrypted. All Name Servers and other related servers are IP locked. Our Name Servers may or may not work.

Video Them, Snap Them, Web Them

Snap Your Products, Design Them, Print Them, Paste In On Banners Or Have Them Presented On Your Websites. From Video, Photography Work To Design Solutions, We Do That And Hence We Can Have Them Worked Out For You.


Record Them On Voice

Audio solutions

Design Them

We design them

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